Set Our Children Free
The IRS is Obama’s KGB – their agents and the armed goons that they employ to enforce their arbitrary will.  And the IRS isn’t the only agency Obama uses to bludgeon Americans into surrendering their freedom.  The EPA has been particularly egregious in depriving honest citizens and businesses of liberty and property over some ill-conceived environmental regulation.  The Labor Department has persecuted businesses who defy labor union demands, and the Education Department has used taxpayer dollars to bribe, with the threat of cutting off, states who don’t accept their idea of how to indoctrinate our kids. His Department of Health and Human Services has been ramming Obamacare down our unwilling throats despite our moral and religious objections, while his HHS Secretary tries to shake down private companies to pay for it.  He’s turned our military into a gigantic social experiment and used our intelligence agencies to spy on law abiding Americans without a warrant.  And this is only a partial list.  All this from a president who recently warned college graduates to reject voices that warn of government tyranny.  He’s right in one respect.  No warning voices needed; the tyranny is already here.

Make no mistake – Obama is the person responsible for the IRS lawbreaking, not some low-level rogue bureaucrats.  Please don’t tell me that there is no evidence that Obama personally ordered the IRS to harass conservative and religious groups.  He didn’t have to give a direct order any more than Nixon had to give one when he got impeached for the same crime.  Obama, by his own admission, is the visionary for everything that happens on his watch, and his vision is a very different one than most Americans have of
their country.  No matter where you work, everyone knows what the boss wants.  The boss never has to explicitly order anything, because even if his direction is not understood with a wink and a nod, he’s more likely to communicate his intentions through the corporate culture and values he himself exhibits.  Obama has made it clear
that conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans are the enemy.  He has never acknowledged their legitimacy, even after the 2010 mid-term elections, and he never misses an opportunity to demonize them.  Any IRS manager would view this as a green light to punish those who disagreed with the Chosen One.  This is the man who promised to fundamentally change America, and he has done his best to force-fit that change.  What change was he talking about?  Changing us from a Constitutional republic to a Marxist state.  There is no point in mincing words – that is, and has always been,
precisely his goal.  Obama’s allies in the media have been adept at hiding who he really is – a Marxist revolutionary – although it has been very evident to those that have been paying attention.  
So what now?  This is government corruption and lawlessness, pure and simple.  The Obama administration simply can't be trusted to follow our own laws and the Constitution, and if they can't be trusted to do that, they have no legitimacy.  We understand that the facetiously-called Justice Department is investigating.  If that doesn’t strike you as equal parts laughable and scandalous, then you are really out of touch.  You mean the same Justice Department that illegally sold guns to Mexican drug
cartels that have killed scores of people, just so they could justify more gun control laws?  You mean the same Justice Department that refused to prosecute a Black Panther for an obvious case of voter intimidation?  You mean the same Justice Department that virtually ignores Democrat voter fraud and even protects it by striking down state laws intended to eliminate it?  We would trust that Justice Department as much as we would trust former police officer Drew Petersen to investigate domestic violence.  If the Republicans have any guts, they would impeach Obama and prosecute all those who had any part in using political power to punish freedom-loving Americans.  And while they’re at it, they should ignore the media’s almost-certain call for moving past this
issue quickly.  There can be no mitigation, when those who govern attempt to intimidate and silence the opposition contrary to the First Amendment.  Every person who speaks out or writes a column like this one already knows they have reason to fear retaliation.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  This is America, not a third-world dictatorship, no matter how much Obama admittedly wishes it were.  

News Item:  Department of Justice says homeschooling is not a fundamental right. 

Excuse me?  Is this legal arm of our United States Government really taking the position that we don’t have the right to determine how we educate our own children?  Fundamental rights are those that we get as a result of being alive – you know, like life and liberty – and are bestowed by God, not government.  If ever there was a fundamental right, it is the right to raise our children the way we want without interference from government, absent abuse of course.  That right was not given to us by government, and it cannot be taken away by government.  We are a self-governing nation, i.e. the ultimate power in our Republic rests with the people.  When it is the legal position of our federal government that parents have no fundamental right to educate their own children, then it is up to the people to rise up and put government back in its place.  To do any less, is to assure future tyranny.  Anyone who has attended school knows that if you don’t deal with a bully at the first incident, they will grow bolder and meaner and make your life even more miserable.  James Madison said as much when he opined, “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.”  We are way past the first “experiment” and are almost at the point of no return when it comes to our fundamental rights.  We, the people, have allowed this to happen due to our ignorance and complacency about what it takes to preserve freedom.

That brings us back to the news item.  What prompted this news flash was the political asylum case of a German family that fled to the United States because they were prohibited, like most families in that country, to home school their children.  They were initially granted political asylum.  But then our own government appealed the decision based primarily on the notion that this family was not denied any fundamental right, and therefore did not deserve political asylum.  If they are forced to return to Germany, they face fines, jail, and loss of custody of their children.  This, despite Germany having signed human rights treaties that guarantee parents the right to educate their children apart from government schools.  Apparently, this nation is reverting to the World War II Nazi view that children belong first to the state before they belong to their parents.  Hitler outlawed homeschooling in 1938.

In America, however, there should be no excuse for any government agency to act this way, nor take the position that the government has priority over parents when it comes to their children.  Yet, in arguing this case before the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, that is exactly the position our government has taken.  This flies in the face of decades of American jurisprudence saying otherwise.  This should be no surprise to followers of the Obama administration, as they are Marxist in philosophy to the core.  In their view, the state is God, no matter what the Constitution says.  This is a lawless administration and they do what they want, and defy anyone to stop them.  Some states aren’t much better, as there have been numerous instances where they’ve have abused and persecuted home school parents as if the state did in fact own the children.  With the federal government now formally taking this same position, the abuse of homeschoolers is likely to get worse unless the government is put in its place. 

The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child was one attempt to circumvent parental rights that is still looming out there like the proverbial 800 pound gorilla.  This treaty was signed by Bill Clinton, but has never been ratified by the Senate, although it keeps coming up for a vote every few years.  Obama has called our failure to ratify this treaty “embarrassing” and promised to revisit it.  It has been opposed by every conservative family organization, and supported by those who view the government as the ultimate authority.  That should tell you everything you need to know about it.  It will effectively end parental rights to raise our children as we see fit in every area of their life, not just education.  All it would take is 67 Senate votes to ratify this evil treaty and our fundamental right to raise our children as we desire would be gone.  So with the United Nations, and now the federal government arrayed against American families, we have the fight of our lives ahead of us.  It is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

So now, Barack Obama (I refuse to use the word “president” because that would imply leadership) has distanced himself from all responsibility for releasing illegal alien criminals upon us because of the pending sequestration budget cuts.  Apparently they found a low-level scapegoat to "fire," but that lie was exposed when it was revealed he put in for retirement weeks ago.  The story now is that the order to release these inmates was given by Homeland Security last week.  Make no mistake – this was a planned, purposeful scare tactic by Obama to avoid government cuts, using the New York Times as their messenger boy, and it literally stinks from corruption.  If the Republicans (I refuse to use the word Congressmen because that would imply leadership) had any guts, they would impeach him for this.  The cuts have not even happened, and may not happen, but he is punishing us ahead of time because we, the people, have not put enough pressure on Congress to cave in to his demands.  It’s kind of like the old adage, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”  Even the liberal Bob Woodward called his antics “madness.”

This kind of behavior, assuming people are paying attention, tells us more about the man Obama than anything else he’s done.  Since he is now pulling no punches, I won’t either.  He’s proven himself a cold blooded Communist who will do anything to get his way.  He was raised and mentored by Communists, a fact the mainstream media ignores, and now that he has no re-election looming, he doesn’t have to answer to anyone.  How many murders and rapes of Americans will be attributed to this latest release of illegals?  None will ever be acknowledged by the lapdog government agents who call themselves journalists, but rest assured that illegals commit thousands of such crimes every year.  No one, including the spineless Republicans, are holding these people to account for these crimes because they’re afraid of being called racist.  Every one of these crimes should be hung around Obama’s neck just like Willie Horton was hung around Mike Dukakis.

Like a true Communist, Obama has used every legal, and many illegal, means to further his agenda.  It is a revolutionary agenda, as he has admitted, to fundamentally change America.  The fundamental change for which he campaigns (not leads) is to turn this country from a free nation into a Communist society.  I’m sorry, but that is the plain, brutal truth, and the sooner the American people wake up and realize it, the sooner we can deal with this cancer.  If you doubt what I’m saying, then just review the facts.  He hates the free market, i.e. the notion that people should be free to make their own economic decisions without government interference.  Obamacare, the monstrous government takeover of the health care system, is the most obvious piece of evidence, but by no means the only piece.  He is well on his way to seizing control of the financing and curriculum of our educational system so that it continues to indoctrinate mindless, obedient little world citizens.  He is the most pro-union, anti-business elected official ever to occupy his office.  He has saddled businesses with thousands of new regulations that punish success and reward inefficiency, while at the same time giving away our hard-earned tax money into labor union coffers.  He has refused to enforce cases of obvious voter fraud and intimidation, and looked the other way while his supporters illegally rigged thousands of ballots to get him re-elected.  He refuses to enforce existing immigration laws and any others he disagrees with, like the Defense of Marriage Act.  While destroying the country from within, he’s also doing his best to render us defenseless from threats without, by not securing our borders, negligently or purposely not defending our embassy, allowing Muslim radicals in sensitive national security positions, and unilaterally disarming our missile defense capability.

He has not been shy about his complete disdain for our Constitution and our heritage, which is no surprise given his Communist roots, and he has made no secret of his love for a dictatorship-style government such as China.  Freedom, liberty, and self-reliance are not in his vocabulary.  He has spent our money like no other chief executive in history, and assured us a future of poverty and misery.  He has done his best to assure as many people as possible are on government assistance, so that there is a perpetual pool of useful idiots to keep him and his cronies in power.  He has ignored any law he doesn’t like, as well as the letter and intent of the Constitution, by issuing executive orders, using our military for unauthorized wars, and using his drones to kill American citizens and innocent children abroad, and spy on us domestically, either without explicit authority of Congress or with their tacit approval.

The only threat to this plan is when a blip on the radar screen appears, such as the meager automatic cuts due to take place from sequestration.  Be assured that he will punish anyone who gets in the way of his plan to tax those who have (all of us, not just the wealthy) and redistribute to those who don’t.  And in the best tradition of Chicago politics, he has threatened any legitimate news media in general, and Bob Woodward in particular, for telling the truth.  In his mind, we are under-taxed, and he needs more money to further his agenda.  But even more than that, he cannot let citizens get used to the idea that actual cuts can be made to the federal budget, a fear that he shares with the media and the Republican establishment.  That’s why we get “the sky is falling” routine every time even token reductions are made.  They all know that these are not serious cuts (the government will spend more next year even if the cuts are made), but they sure don’t want to give power back to the people, who are getting awfully restless about all this profligate spending.  So who will win this culture war - the tyrants who want to suck the life and morality out of our nation and continue a lawless dictatorship, or liberty-loving patriots who will rise up, refuse to be silent, and take our country back?  The latter are a minority now, so we pray they will be a loud and persistent minority.

Ever wonder how a free society manages to deteriorate into a totalitarian police state?  How do people willingly submit to tyranny after they have known freedom?  Well, it’s not complicated.  It just takes a little time.  The first, and most essential step, is to gain control of the information that people see, hear, and read.  Notice I said “control.”  Virtually all of the books, literature, documents, movies, etc. that were produced during the first 150 years of our Republic are still available, but fewer and fewer people are using them as information sources.  Instead, those who have grown up during the past generation receive more and more of their information from television, movies, and the news media.  In the first 150 years we were a free people who went to church, read the Bible, sang patriotic songs in school, learned sound values from our parents and teachers, and shared a common heritage.  Both Hollywood and the news media reinforced those values in their TV, movies, and broadcasts.  But everything changed, starting in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  An all-out assault on morality was conducted by the Kinsey Report, the Vietnam War, the availability of birth control, the proliferation of drugs, the Great Society programs, and the college student uprisings, coupled with the explicit permission of the self-appointed educational elite.  Consequently, there was a meteoric rise in STDs, unwed pregnancies, welfare dependency, drug addiction, crime, disrespect of our institutions, and lawlessness that still has not abated.

How has such a radical change in our society occurred in just one generation?  It is because those in Hollywood, the news media, and the government have carefully controlled the informational dialogue, so that only their world view gets seen and heard.  It starts with the schools.  We’ve educated an entire generation in all of the wrong things.  They know nothing about our exceptional heritage, our founding documents, and the values and principles that makes a free society possible.  They have been taught that they are nothing but a biological cosmic accident of nature, unaccountable to anyone but themselves, and thus owe their loyalty to those who selfishly promise them the most.   It then follows that they have no respect for life other than their own.  They possess a total ignorance of economic fundamentals, as reflected in their personal decisions as well as their voting patterns.  The history they’ve been taught has been re-written to reflect an evil America that must be changed into the image that the radical left envisions.  Diversity, multiculturalism, gay pride, and phony environmental stewardship have been elevated to Diety status.

When these students come home, they see more of the same on TV and the nightly news.  Movies are targeted to the teen audience with the same message.  As they grow old enough to vote, they hear the same narrative from pandering politicians, for whom they are more than willing to vote because they have the same world view.  All of their allegiance now belongs to those who think like themselves, and they willingly submit to the restraints of the nanny state.  The transformation is now complete.  They will soon be enslaved by those who promise to take care of their food, clothing, shelter, and health care needs.  Without the backbone of individual responsibility, their lot in life is now in the hands of someone else.  Their failures will be blamed on the privileged, and their successes will mandate that they share their privilege with those who have failed.  Not being able to think for themselves, they accept the authority and mandates of the state without question.  Self control has given way to state control, and self-government has been replaced by statism and totalitarianism.

If the media had been the government watchdog the First Amendment envisioned it to be, we would still be a free republic.  Instead, the media has been completely corrupted by politicians who share their vision of a socialist America, subservient to a world government.  Their corruption is so complete that they submit their stories to the White House for editing before they publish them,  in order to remain in Obama’s good graces.  Together, they completely control the messages that the government-educated masses see and hear, while at the same time censoring and belittling all dialogue to the contrary.  Abortion is called “pro-choice,” conservative free speech is called “hate speech/intolerance,” and those who question Obama’s past are called “birthers,” and marginalized.  The media only practice journalism when a conservative is in power.  When the government listens to phone conversations, reads e-mails, seizes property, and assassinates Americans with drones in the name of fighting terror, they say nothing.  Yet they are perfectly happy with laws (McCain-Feingold)  that limit everyone’s free speech but theirs.  They don’t even understand that they are merely useful idiots that the current dictator will quickly discard when tyranny is complete.  When dissent is silenced for one, it will eventually be silenced for all.

All of this was not an accident.  Obama and his revolutionaries have been planning this for decades.  Hollywood and the media have been his willing accomplices.  They have managed to successfully control the narrative the American people see and hear, and have silenced all dissent with bullying and political correctness.  There are few national figures who are willing to stand up and tell the unvarnished truth, for fear of being marginalized as fools.  Welfare is now the largest item in the federal budget.  The national debt will result in trillions of transfer payments from those who have to those who have not, and we will all end up poor - except for the ruling elite that caused this mess of course.  Our only hope is to repent and begin to practice the moral, political, and spiritual principles that we have preached as conservatives.  We are now a minority, but remember that the leftists were once in the minority also.  Just as they gained control of the national dialogue, we must band together and re-gain control of the same by protesting long and loud at every infringement of our liberty.  Our passion will give others courage to join us.  Now is not the time to hide.  Now is the time for the second American revolution – a revolution of morality and commitment to freedom.

I walked a mile to my elementary school when I was a kid, a mile home for lunch, a mile back in the afternoon, and a mile home after school.  Four miles total every school day, rain, snow, or shine.  No, I am not trying to say how tough it was when I was in school.  I’m trying to illustrate that these days, no parent in their right mind would let their kids walk a mile to school by themselves in any neighborhood unless they had no choice.  It would be considered dangerous and irresponsible to not either drive their child to school, or have a trusted adult hover over them until the school bus arrives.  My point is that we can’t live in the past, and we have to change with the times as society changes.  When I was a kid, there were no school shootings, even though kids brought guns to school and left them in the principal’s office so they could hunt squirrels on the way home.  In fact, when I was in college, we kept handguns and rifles in our rooms with the full knowledge and permission of school officials, and not one round was ever fired on school grounds.  We can argue all day about why we have so many evil wackos who decide to kill innocent children, but we’re stuck with them for the present, and pretending they’re not out there is playing a foolish and deadly form of Russian roulette.  Yet that is exactly the game gun control advocates insist that we play by mandating that all schools be gun-free zones. 

What has changed since I went to school?  Not the gun.  As I pointed out earlier, guns were even more prevalent in schools back then, yet there were no shootings.  What has changed is the kinds of people that roam our society.  It’s a fact that about 80% of these mass murderers were under the influence of psychiatric drugs – a fact that the news media tries to ignore.  If we’re looking for a common factor in these shootings that was not present a generation ago, look no further than the over-prescribing of anti-depressant medications.  So why are we trying to regulate the gun?  The cities and states that have the strictest gun control laws also have the highest rates of gun violence, and the states with liberal concealed carry laws have seen the greatest drop in violent crime.  That is the inconvenient truth, and the statistics are too often lost in this emotional debate.  An armed populace is a deterrent to violent crime, not the reason for it.

And it should be clear to anyone who has a brain, that in every one of these shootings, the shooter broke multiple gun laws, which illustrates yet another obvious point – criminals don’t obey gun laws.  All gun control laws do is disarm law abiding citizens, which makes the criminal’s job that much easier.  Even many countries that prohibit gun ownership entirely have high rates of gun violence because (repeat after me) CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY THE LAW, and they will always be able to get guns just like they can always get illegal drugs.  So if gun control is not the problem, they why do the usual suspects demand more gun control before the dead victims’ bodies are even cold?  It’s because their real agenda is not child safety at all, but disarming the public.  If you doubt that, just listen to what the leftist elites say when they’re being honest (a rarity), and they’ll readily admit this.  Notice, however, that they don’t think these rules should apply to them, as evidenced by the bodyguards who regularly accompany the media anchors and Hollywood celebrities, and of course, the Secret Service agents assigned to our top government officials.

So what’s the answer?  I’ll answer that by asking a simple question:  Why do these shooters head for schools instead of police stations when they want to commit mass murder?  The answer is obvious, although the news media will try to hide even the obvious.  Case in point – Did you hear about the shooting in a San Antonio movie theater two days after the Sandy Hook shooting?  Probably not, because it is one of many instances, including the Ft. Hood shooting, and the Colorado Springs church shooting, where a single armed good guy (or in these three instances, a good girl) with a gun, stopped a bad guy with a gun.  Clearly, all of these mass murderers have one thing in common - they choose targets where they know they will meet no resistance, i.e. a gun-free zone.  Arm and train school personnel and/or station private armed security/police in our schools and you will change the equation.  Don’t tell me we can’t afford it, because most middle and high schools already have school resource officers there full time, and we spend much more federal money on other useless education nonsense like Race to the Top stimulus funds. Many school districts have already implemented this policy without any additional funds.   And don’t tell me teachers and principals can’t defend their schools with guns, because they’ve been doing it very effectively for years in Israel and Thailand, where they face down determined terrorists, not just the occasional wacko. 

Also lost in the emotion of this debate is why citizens need to be armed in the first place.  The 250 million people who were killed by their own government in the 20th Century could answer that for us if they could talk.  Thanks to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and other dictators who believed in gun control, those quarter billion folks will not be here to testify. That’s about five or six times as many people killed in all of the wars of that century by the way.  In other words, citizens should rightly fear their own government more than a foreign invader.  The Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment recognizes an individual right to bear arms, but the right of self-defense precedes even the Constitution.  However, the Second Amendment is not about self defense or even hunting, even though those are legitimate reasons for owning firearms.  The Founders made it abundantly clear that the Second Amendment was about preserving freedom by assuring that the government of the people and by the people would stay that way.  Guns were to be our insurance policy against tyranny by our own government, and no less a liberal than Hubert H. Humphrey admitted the same.  Whenever this particular argument against gun control is raised, it is usually dismissed for the reason that gun owners wouldn’t stand a chance against the might of the American military.  For those who believe this, I would simply submit two close-to-home examples:  the American Revolution and the Vietnam War.  History is filled with many other grass roots uprisings where a small, outnumbered and outgunned, but determined populace, overcame enormous odds to overthrow what they perceived as an unjust government.  I am not suggesting we should start a revolution, because other options are available, and that is always the last option.  But thanks to the Second Amendment, it is an option.

Editor’s Note:  The following article was written before the recent elementary school shootings in Connecticut and was withheld out of respect for the victims and their families, and is in no way intended to imply that this senseless shooting was God’s doing.  
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge….    Proverbs 1:7

What is truly detestable about the state of public schools in this country is how far they have strayed from their historical roots.  We have been beat over the head repeatedly by the media manta that there must be a constitutional separation of church and state, to the point where this myth is taken by the public as fact.  And the activist Supreme Courts of the 50’s and 60’s haven’t helped matters either, twisting the First Amendment into incoherence, making legal reconciliation by subsequent Courts difficult.  So how’d all that “separation of church and state” business work out for us?  The truth is, since school prayer was banned in 1962, there has been a meteoric rise in the rates of violent crime, drug abuse, pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases in our schools and society.  If you look at the statistics for these categories and plot them on a graph, during the years prior to 1962 the line was flat or declining.  After 1962, the rates increased exponentially - 400-600% for each of these categories for the next 25 years with no signs of slowing down, even after factoring out population growth.

During this time period, our country chose to officially reject the authority of God in matters of public discourse.  No living, breathing, red-blooded American can objectively conclude that our country has been better off since.  In fact, every survey continues to show that the American people overwhelmingly feel we are going in the wrong direction.  
We now have an entire generation of educators that have a predisposed hostility towards anything religious.  This is all the more incredible considering our roots as a nation, and the avowed purposes for which most of our nation’s schools and universities were founded.  Noah Webster, one of our nation’s leading educators, said, "In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed...No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people."  Benjamin Rush, a physician, and signer of the Declaration of Independence said,   “The only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in religion.  Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty.”  I could go on and quote many of the other Founders, who have said similar things about the relationship between religion, morality, and government. Even William O. Douglas, the most famous liberal Supreme Court Justice in history, said “We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.”  Failure to acknowledge God in the public arena because of the Supreme Court- invented myth of “wall of separation of church and state,” is not only an incorrect interpretation and application of law and history, it has had grave consequences for our nation.  Incidentally, the phrase “wall of separation of church and state,” is not found in the Constitution as so many people have been led to believe - a point made clear by the dissenting Justice in the Supreme Court’s 1962 case, Engel v. Vitalewhich struck down school prayer.  In fact he called the phrase a “metaphor” and its use by the Court irresponsible.  What the Constitution does prohibit is the government’s establishment of a state-sponsored religion as well as their interference in one’s free exercise of religion.  Many of the Founders have made it abundantly clear that religion and morality are indispensable to the maintenance of a free republic.  If the First Amendment truly intended to ban all religious expression from government, including public schools, then why did the Founders’ own well-documented actions and words show that they believed just the opposite? And despite this, we have had open, repeated hostility toward any religious expression in our schools in the form of banning certain student attire, to equal access to school facilities, to censorship of student’s written and oral classroom work, to censorship of valedictorian speeches –events that have become too commonplace to even list them all.  
All laws have their roots in moral principles, and our laws are no different.  Despite what secularists would have us believe, much of the moral code that existed in this country came from the Bible, which eventually became incorporated into English common law, thus forming the basis of all of our laws.  Most of the schools in this country, as well as many of the prestigious Ivy League universities were founded for the sole purpose of educating the populace in the Scriptures.  That’s our history folks, like it or not, and it was never considered unconstitutional. In fact, the moral code taught in the Scriptures was considered essential to the preservation of a free society, and I might add, it still is essential for that purpose.  We don’t have a political problem in this country, we have a moral problem.  Until we officially rejected the authority of God, our kids could walk to
school safely, and while they were there, learn respect for our flag, our heritage, our institutions, and our country.  When they came home, they could watch any TV program without their parents fearing what they would see or hear.  In just one generation, we have turned into an American that most middle aged citizens don’t recognize.

When you read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, you will find that its principles of personal responsibility, self government, and liberty cannot be separated from the moral and spiritual principles of the Bible.  During the latter half of the 20th century, a prosperous America abandoned those principles in their personal lives, and we have been paying the price ever since.  This decline in morality was precipitated not so coincidently with the advent of activist judges and a discarding of our Constitutional principles. The fruits of those disastrous rulings by unelected judges, have been irresponsible behavior and lack of personal responsibility and accountability,  leading to sexual promiscuity, fatherless children, divorce, poverty, and crime.  It has dramatically changed our society within one generation, and by default, changed our schools.  So now instead of teaching academics, we are re-educating a new generation to accept this “new norm” in the name of tolerance and compassion.  And instead of teaching the value of national unity, the Pledge of Allegiance, and one nation under God indivisible, we are celebrating diversity and group identity.  Instead of school prayers each morning reverencing “Our Father in heaven,” students view An Inconvenient Truth reverencing  our Mother Earth.   

In truth, the decline in American education started long before the sixties.  There was a long line of educational “gurus” dating back nearly 100 years that have helped shape America’s education policy, most notably John Dewey, a self-described socialist and father of “progressive” education. It was Dewey, in fact, who was the chief proponent of mandatory public education as a means of undermining traditional values and using the schools as an agent of social change.  Much of the philosophy espoused by these educators had its roots in Marxism.   Lest we forget, compulsory public education is one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.   If you read these ten planks, you would be hard pressed to find the differences between the policies of our own government, and one purposely built from the ground up as a communist government.  Purposeful or not, our schools have become brainwashing centers for the political left, at every level.  
Concepts like liberty, self-government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise are missing in action in today’s curriculum, even though they are the principles that are supposed to form the foundation of our society.  An entire generation has been educated to be comfortable with egalitarianism, globalism, feminism, and environmentalism.  The struggle for power between this generation of public school students, and other freedom loving individuals in our country will be the defining cultural war of our time.  

Why aren’t Christians allowed to be offended?  Everyone else is allowed to be offended, particularly if they are a member of a politically correct group, i.e., everyone other than whites, conservatives, Republicans, or Christians.  And of course the nature and legitimacy of the offense is only allowed to be defined by those allegedly offended, not by the intent of the offending party.  We’re reminded of this issue every year at this time as we observe the War on Christmas.  An atheist will see a public religious symbol of some kind and get “offended.”  They file a complaint, and then one of the taxpayer funded organizations gets involved and tries to bully or file suit against the offending party – usually a school district or government agency.  We call these taxpayer funded organizations because they get a lot of funding from the legal settlements they get from harassing taxpayer supported institutions.  And even though 78% of Americans identify themselves as Christians (Gallup poll), and 76% think Christmas should be about Jesus, not Santa Claus (Rasmussen poll), we have to fight this battle each year to determine whether we’ll have a normal Christmas or a secular one.  I, for one, am tired of cities, states, and schools having to justify celebrating a Christmas tradition that has been embedded in our culture for centuries.  I am offended by schools that put on “Holiday” concerts, and have the kids sing only sanitized, non-Christian songs, as if Christmas was only about Santa Claus, gifts, trees, snow, and winter.  The last couple of music teachers I confronted over this told me that the schools have to be careful, which of course is cowardly and not true.  Christmas is a federal holiday, and can legally be celebrated for what it is, and always has been!  If a few people feel offended over this tradition, they are welcome to move to a country with a different culture instead of trying to change ours by making ridiculous claims that our celebrations are unconstitutional.

And this sensitivity to offense doesn’t stop with Christmas.  Prayer, Bible reading, crosses and other religious displays of any kind have been targeted repeatedly by those organizations longing to secularize our schools and our society.  And when they can’t identify any actual religious symbols, they make them up anyway.  Case in point is the ruling by a judge that the “Choose Life” license plate in North Carolina is unconstitutional even though that same plate was acceptable to the Florida Supreme Court, and the plate has nothing to do with religion.  The problem is that the vast majority of these court challenges are legally without merit, yet they cost the taxpayer millions to defend, making it easier for local governments to just cave in to the bullying instead of fighting.  Another example is the fanatical fight over keeping the theory of evolution as the de facto religion of our public schools.  Any attempt to introduce factual scientific information into this debate, or even point out the obvious, glaring flaws with this theory, is met with maniacal, fortress-like resistance.  This kind of insanity takes place, mind you, despite the complete absence of any religious motive, although proponents of evolution will always say that a religious motive is implied.  All that’s needed to put these secularists over the edge is an attempt to put the theory of evolution under the lens of real science, and allow students to make up their own mind.

So why can’t Christians play this “offense” game.  Why can’t we be offended at the garbage that public schools shove down our kids’ throats?  Why can’t take we offense at governments that recognize gay marriage and make us subsidize benefits for these couples?  Why can’t we be offended that the sex we see on TV is always illicit, recreational, and almost never within the bounds of a loving marriage?  Why can’t we be offended at no-fault divorce laws that violate the Biblical view of marriage, and undermine the sacred vows that are the foundation of our society?  Why can’t we be offended, like the Muslims, when our religion is held in scorn and demeaned by the Hollywood elite?  Why aren’t we allowed to be offended when the killing of unborn children is called choice, and was legalized by a few unelected judges on the basis of lies, instead of sober deliberation by an elected legislature based on the facts?  Why can’t we be offended when those same judges call pornography free speech?  Why can’t we be offended when our churches and businesses are forced to offer insurance coverage that violates our religion?  Why is it that we’re required to be silent while the gay agenda, feminism, multiculturalism, radical environmentalism, and globalism are deified and taught to our children, while the Christian worldview is vilified by the same government officials?  Why can’t we be offended when private companies force us to silently comply with these same policies or be fired?  The truth is that we as Christians are bombarded by all of these things every single day we live in this nation – a nation ironically founded by those who held a Christian worldview and crafted a Constitution based on those views.  Those Founders would no longer recognize how completely that grand document has now been illegally rendered moot, without going through the amendment process, by those that hold a secular worldview.

When we don’t like the filth we see on TV, we’re told, “Just change the channel.”  Why can’t we give the same advice to atheists - to ignore what they see and hear during a Christmas program, or an invocation  at a football game, or a prayer at a board meeting?  If Christians are supposed to overlook all of the cultural attacks on our religion by the secularists, why can’t the secularists ignore a manger scene or a 30 second prayer now and then?  They can’t, because their hatred of us reminds them of the God whose standards they reject.  Yet, they delight in offending us because they feel that our religion teaches that we should just accept persecution as a way of life without complaining.  They are wrong.  While we are to love those that hate us, the Bible also teaches that we are to be the salt of the earth.  Without us, our nation would be a very bitter, dark place, full of the kind of violence and immorality not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah.  We need to be engaged in our culture and fight for the rights enumerated in our Constitution – a document written by men who didn’t hesitate to fight for those same rights, especially, and most particularly, because they were God-given.

Want to know why Mitt Romney lost the election?  Yes, he did LOSE it, Obama didn’t win it.  Obama got 10 million fewer votes than he did in 2008. He had, by far, the worst track record of any incumbent president running for re-election, in history.  Problem is, Romney got 3 million fewer votes than John McCain did, and McCain was one of the worst candidates ever fielded by the Republican party.  In fact, Romney got the lowest percentage of votes from Evangelicals since Bob Dole.  Like to take back that remark about how the Chick-Fil-A controversy wasn’t part of your campaign, Mitt?  Don’t get me wrong.  Mitt Romney has been a great husband, father, and moral example for many years, and a great American success story.  We were told how feeble the economy was, and how he could fix it, but we never heard a word about why a return to a free market economy would bring prosperity for all, instead of the pain that the disastrous socialist policies of Obama has brought.  And he didn’t lose, as many commentators opine, because people thought he couldn’t identify with common folk who are receiving government benefits.  

So why did he lose?  Because this is America, and freedom is, and should be, the ONLY issue.  The problem is that Mitt Romney and most of the Republican establishment doesn’t know how to articulate WHY liberty is so important in a free republic.  They have their speech writers, handlers, and poll takers who tell them what to say, when to say it, and to whom it should be said.  Thus, they have put themselves in a position to be followers – followers of the very people who expect them to lead.  But very few of these politicians have liberty not only as their core philosophy, but their first and foremost priority as a campaign issue.  Without freedom, nothing else in this country works, and we cease to be America.

Instead of polling the American people to find out what they want, we need a candidate who will teach our citizens what it means to be an American again.  Americans need to un-learn the garbage that our public schools and our media have been spoon-feeding them for decades.  They need to be taught that there will be no prosperity without free enterprise, and why an unfettered private sector has generated the highest standard of living the world has ever known.  They need to understand that Socialism rots the soul because it is inherently immoral, and has failed everywhere it has been tried.  They need to hear that our Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that ANY deviation from its principles is an affront to liberty.  They need to understand the principle of federalism – that the federal government has very few and specifically defined responsibilities, and that the Constitution leaves all other governance to the states.  They need to learn, as James Madison said, that it is proper to take alarm at the very first infringement upon our liberties instead of waiting until the government is so strong that we are too deep in bondage to fight back.  They need to learn why we are an exceptional nation and that we will not cede any of our rights or jurisdiction on any issue to the United Nations.  They need to not only know that abortion, gay marriage, and embryonic stem cell research is wrong, but WHY.  They need to be taught that government’s role is to secure our rights, not violate them by spying on us, collecting information that invades our privacy, silencing our speech, disrespecting our religious beliefs,  and burdening us with so much regulation that we can’t do anything without permission.  They need to learn once again that being an American means you can grow up, raise a family, build a business or a career, and live your life the way you choose without interference from the government, because the government IS “WE THE PEOPLE.”  Our freedom is precious, it isn’t free, and it was paid for by the blood of honorable men and women since 1776.  And until we get a candidate that is willing to lead according to these principles, and to unashamedly teach them to the American people once again, there will be millions staying home on election day.

Many reading this will argue that Republicans and Tea Party candidates can’t get elected today espousing this vision of America.  I heartily disagree.  They said the same thing about Reagan – that he was too conservative and he would be the death of the Republican Party, especially only four years after they had experienced a narrow defeat to Jimmy Carter.  What Reagan did was go out unapologetically and teach the nation that government was the problem, not the solution to their problems, and they listened.  In other words, he led without worrying about the poll numbers, which showed him behind, by the way, through the end of October.  Reagan won in a landslide – twice – and it wasn’t because of his personality.  He articulated a vision of America that resounded with that generation, and I’m convinced it would do the same today.  Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, and Asians alike share this same vision of God, family, and country.  They’ve just been brainwashed into thinking only a Democrat can make this vision a reality, instead of being shown that their policies will bring a nightmare instead, and that only freedom will bring prosperity.  A Reagan candidate today might not win in a landslide, but against a candidate like Obama, he wouldn’t have any trouble getting those extra 3 million voters to the polls, and will likely get a whole lot more than that.

I am sick and tired of hearing that the first duty of a president is to keep Americans “safe.”  I must have missed it, but where is that duty spelled out in the Constitution?   On the contrary, the first duty of government is to protect our God-given liberties.  Speaking for myself at least, I have a word for the government:  STOP TRYING TO KEEP ME SAFE!  In the name of keeping Americans safe, our government has launched the “War on Drugs” followed by the “War on Terror,” both of which, in reality, have been a War on Liberty.  The government’s effort to keep us safe has eviscerated our Constitution, and like most jobs the government does, the results have been counterproductive.  Consider:  The federal government is spying on us 24/7 – every phone call, every text message, and every Facebook post is monitored, and if you say the wrong thing, even though it’s completely legal, you could get visited or arrested for simply exercising your free speech rights.  If you don’t believe it, read what happened to this veteran, as just one of many examples.  Is your personal e-mail safe from government spying?  Ask General Petraeus!  The drug flow to our communities goes on unabated, and we have more people than ever that want to kill us.  We can’t get on a plane without getting molested by the TSA, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the TSA have expanded their reach to train and bus stations, as well as the random frisking Americans on city streets.  They are buying billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition (illegal under the Geneva Convention to use in war) and training thousands of young people to use them to handle domestic “disasters.”  In other words, not only are these Wars on our liberties not working, they are actually giving the government unconstitutional powers that will result in an even greater threat – tyranny.  If you think terrorism is a greater threat to our country than tyranny, think again.  Rudolph Rummel, a political science professor at the University of Hawaii estimates that in the 20th Century alone, six times as many people were killed by their own government than those killed in all of the wars of the 20th Century – as many as 262 million! Clearly, you have more to fear from your own government than a foreign invader.  If this doesn’t set off alarms in your head, then it should.

The War on Terror all started with G.W. Bush in the aftermath of 911.  It seemed to play well politically, so it kept being used by candidates and presidents right up to the present time.  One problem - It is NOT the president’s duty to keep us safe.  I’m all for national defense, but not at the expense of our liberty.  See the above statistics.  Mr. Bush announced shortly after the 911 attacks, “We will not allow this enemy to win the war by changing our way of life or restricting our freedoms.”  That promise was quickly broken.  Obama, Congress, and the courts have since shredded what remained of our rights.  The scary thing is that many Americans are OK with this.  

The U.S. Patriot Act, which no congressman or senator read before its passage (just like Obamacare and the Stimulus), has trampled on the Constitution of the United States.  Portions of the Act have been ruled unconstitutional several times, and there would have been others if the government had not dropped its opposition to several more cases before they reached the Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, this Act still lives on with even more ambiguous language.  Passage of this Act emboldened Congress to pass other, even more restrictive legislation, such as the National Defense Authorization Act, supported by both parties and signed by Obama, who has since given himself extraordinary powers via executive orders that would make Josef Stalin proud. 

As for the War on Drugs, the courts long ago gave the police absolute power to seize cars and homes used in drug dealing, giving them all the incentive they needed to use their power unjustly.  In the vast majority of drug busts, the charges are ultimately dropped, yet the property remains in possession of the police to be sold, with the proceeds going into their budget.  If this doesn’t invite corruption, I don’t know what would.  In the meantime, this War has turned our streets into battle zones, our young people into burglars and robbers, and our foreign allies into corrupt dictatorships where every honest official is in fear of their lives.

I’m not sure how many reading this have a firm grasp on just how much freedom they have lost as a result of these unconstitutional acts by our elected officials, but let me give you a glimpse.  It is now 100% legal for a president and his top national security officials to determine, by themselves, that you are a threat.  You may be a legitimate national security threat, but you may also be just a citizen activist whose outspoken political views threaten the reigning political party.  Doesn’t matter – if the president and his henchmen want you assassinated, you’re gone.  No arrest, no trial, no due process, no mess, even though you are an American citizen on American soil.  Take comfort though.  The president says he won’t abuse this power.  Now doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, and most of all, SAFE!  But suppose instead of assassination, they simply choose to snatch you off the street and hold you indefinitely without a trial at a secret location just to silence you.  They can do so legally, and they don’t even have to tell your family anything about your status.  You just disappear.  Kinda makes you long for the old days of the KGB in the Soviet Union, doesn’t it?  You never thought it could happen here, but it has. 

So let’s review:  We’ve lost much of our First Amendment right to freely speak out against the abuses of the government without fear of retribution.  We’ve lost the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and to be secure in our houses and personal possessions.  We’ve lost our Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment right to due process if we are suspected of a crime, as well as the Constitution’s Habeas Corpus provision to appear before a judge to hear the charges against us.  The Sixth Amendment’s right to a jury trial and legal counsel are also history.  And Obama intends to override the Second Amendment with his signing of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

If this hasn’t shown up on your radar screen yet, because you were too busy watching Entertainment Tonight and Dancing with the Stars, I issue a dark warning for you from Pastor Martin Niemoller who lived through the hell of Hitler’s Germany:  “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a communist.  Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a socialist.  Then they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a Catholic.  Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--  because I was not a Jew.  Then they came for me-- and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

If you don’t speak out, you may be next.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” 
                                                                                            -  Declaration of Independence, 1776

According the Declaration of Independence, the primary, legitimate purpose of government is to secure our rights.  That begs the question:  What is a right?  The
Democrats tell us that rights are things like abortion, a guaranteed job, or a free cell phone, but that’s impossible since the government doesn’t give out rights, it dispenses goodies.  A right is something you deserve merely by being a unique creation of God (See Declaration of Independence above). It is part and parcel of your humanity.  In other words, if we are breathing air and have a pulse, we have rights – human rights or natural rights as they are sometimes called.  Recognition of these human rights is a recognition of our unique and special status in a world of created creatures.  The one thing that separates many conservatives from atheists and leftists, philosophically, is this recognition.  Atheists and leftists don’t recognize mankind’s unique place in God’s  creation, and therefore reject any notion that mankind is superior to any other plant or animal.  This is why they see no contradiction in laws that protect endangered plant and animal species, yet allow killing of unborn humans. Conservatives, on the other hand, recognize that mankind was created to have dominion over all other creatures, and that his natural state is freedom.  For much of history, however, freedom has been the exception, not the rule.  Apart from America’s 200+ years of history, there are few examples where mankind has been free to enjoy his natural God-given rights, unbridled from despotism, dictatorship, and tyranny.

We are a self-governing nation.  That is “we the people” govern ourselves through the system of government the Founders gave us. That’s the good news.  The bad news?  According to John Adams, our Constitution was made for a moral people, and won’t work for any other kind.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” 
 When “we the people” becomes “we the immoral,”then we get the intrusive government we deserve because we don’t have the self-discipline to restrain ourselves from bad behavior.  We get Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Janet Napolitano, and Kathleen Sebelius running our lives.  They spy on us, they monitor everything we do and say, they search us without our permission when we travel, they tell us how much of our money we can keep, they tell us how to raise our children and what they will learn, they tell us what we can eat, they determine the quality of health care we have, and they mandate how we run our businesses. 

The Declaration states that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.  How did we consent to give them this much control over our lives? Part of the answer is in Ben Franklin’s quote above.  We are so corrupt, we have need of masters, and unfortunately the masters we have chosen are more corrupt than we are.  The other answer is that we have ignored why we are supposed to have government in the first place.  For over 200 years, we have forgotten what the Founders wrote about the purpose of government in the Declaration of Independence.  Its purpose is not to control us and keep our elected officials in power, although that is exactly what it has become in practice. The purpose of government should always be to secure our rights!  Government is not to be an agent of control over our lives. Instead, government is to be a defender of our rights- a defender of the way of life we have chosen for ourselves, and to assure that nobody interferes with it.  In order to do this, the government, by definition of its purpose, must exercise as little interference as possible with its citizens.  Instead, it must protect us from others who would interfere with the exercise of our rights.  Read that loud and clear.  The only legitimate purpose of government is to secure the rights that you already have as a free-willed creation of God.  All other purposes of government are illegitimate!  If we want to be free, we must repent and return to the only legitimate purpose of government, to the exclusion of all other duties we have asked it to perform.  We have no choice but to pursue this course, because abandoning this choice leaves us $16 trillion in debt with no future, devoid of a moral compass, and tyranny on the doorstep.


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