Set Our Children Free
So now, Barack Obama (I refuse to use the word “president” because that would imply leadership) has distanced himself from all responsibility for releasing illegal alien criminals upon us because of the pending sequestration budget cuts.  Apparently they found a low-level scapegoat to "fire," but that lie was exposed when it was revealed he put in for retirement weeks ago.  The story now is that the order to release these inmates was given by Homeland Security last week.  Make no mistake – this was a planned, purposeful scare tactic by Obama to avoid government cuts, using the New York Times as their messenger boy, and it literally stinks from corruption.  If the Republicans (I refuse to use the word Congressmen because that would imply leadership) had any guts, they would impeach him for this.  The cuts have not even happened, and may not happen, but he is punishing us ahead of time because we, the people, have not put enough pressure on Congress to cave in to his demands.  It’s kind of like the old adage, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”  Even the liberal Bob Woodward called his antics “madness.”

This kind of behavior, assuming people are paying attention, tells us more about the man Obama than anything else he’s done.  Since he is now pulling no punches, I won’t either.  He’s proven himself a cold blooded Communist who will do anything to get his way.  He was raised and mentored by Communists, a fact the mainstream media ignores, and now that he has no re-election looming, he doesn’t have to answer to anyone.  How many murders and rapes of Americans will be attributed to this latest release of illegals?  None will ever be acknowledged by the lapdog government agents who call themselves journalists, but rest assured that illegals commit thousands of such crimes every year.  No one, including the spineless Republicans, are holding these people to account for these crimes because they’re afraid of being called racist.  Every one of these crimes should be hung around Obama’s neck just like Willie Horton was hung around Mike Dukakis.

Like a true Communist, Obama has used every legal, and many illegal, means to further his agenda.  It is a revolutionary agenda, as he has admitted, to fundamentally change America.  The fundamental change for which he campaigns (not leads) is to turn this country from a free nation into a Communist society.  I’m sorry, but that is the plain, brutal truth, and the sooner the American people wake up and realize it, the sooner we can deal with this cancer.  If you doubt what I’m saying, then just review the facts.  He hates the free market, i.e. the notion that people should be free to make their own economic decisions without government interference.  Obamacare, the monstrous government takeover of the health care system, is the most obvious piece of evidence, but by no means the only piece.  He is well on his way to seizing control of the financing and curriculum of our educational system so that it continues to indoctrinate mindless, obedient little world citizens.  He is the most pro-union, anti-business elected official ever to occupy his office.  He has saddled businesses with thousands of new regulations that punish success and reward inefficiency, while at the same time giving away our hard-earned tax money into labor union coffers.  He has refused to enforce cases of obvious voter fraud and intimidation, and looked the other way while his supporters illegally rigged thousands of ballots to get him re-elected.  He refuses to enforce existing immigration laws and any others he disagrees with, like the Defense of Marriage Act.  While destroying the country from within, he’s also doing his best to render us defenseless from threats without, by not securing our borders, negligently or purposely not defending our embassy, allowing Muslim radicals in sensitive national security positions, and unilaterally disarming our missile defense capability.

He has not been shy about his complete disdain for our Constitution and our heritage, which is no surprise given his Communist roots, and he has made no secret of his love for a dictatorship-style government such as China.  Freedom, liberty, and self-reliance are not in his vocabulary.  He has spent our money like no other chief executive in history, and assured us a future of poverty and misery.  He has done his best to assure as many people as possible are on government assistance, so that there is a perpetual pool of useful idiots to keep him and his cronies in power.  He has ignored any law he doesn’t like, as well as the letter and intent of the Constitution, by issuing executive orders, using our military for unauthorized wars, and using his drones to kill American citizens and innocent children abroad, and spy on us domestically, either without explicit authority of Congress or with their tacit approval.

The only threat to this plan is when a blip on the radar screen appears, such as the meager automatic cuts due to take place from sequestration.  Be assured that he will punish anyone who gets in the way of his plan to tax those who have (all of us, not just the wealthy) and redistribute to those who don’t.  And in the best tradition of Chicago politics, he has threatened any legitimate news media in general, and Bob Woodward in particular, for telling the truth.  In his mind, we are under-taxed, and he needs more money to further his agenda.  But even more than that, he cannot let citizens get used to the idea that actual cuts can be made to the federal budget, a fear that he shares with the media and the Republican establishment.  That’s why we get “the sky is falling” routine every time even token reductions are made.  They all know that these are not serious cuts (the government will spend more next year even if the cuts are made), but they sure don’t want to give power back to the people, who are getting awfully restless about all this profligate spending.  So who will win this culture war - the tyrants who want to suck the life and morality out of our nation and continue a lawless dictatorship, or liberty-loving patriots who will rise up, refuse to be silent, and take our country back?  The latter are a minority now, so we pray they will be a loud and persistent minority.



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