Set Our Children Free
Ever wonder how a free society manages to deteriorate into a totalitarian police state?  How do people willingly submit to tyranny after they have known freedom?  Well, it’s not complicated.  It just takes a little time.  The first, and most essential step, is to gain control of the information that people see, hear, and read.  Notice I said “control.”  Virtually all of the books, literature, documents, movies, etc. that were produced during the first 150 years of our Republic are still available, but fewer and fewer people are using them as information sources.  Instead, those who have grown up during the past generation receive more and more of their information from television, movies, and the news media.  In the first 150 years we were a free people who went to church, read the Bible, sang patriotic songs in school, learned sound values from our parents and teachers, and shared a common heritage.  Both Hollywood and the news media reinforced those values in their TV, movies, and broadcasts.  But everything changed, starting in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  An all-out assault on morality was conducted by the Kinsey Report, the Vietnam War, the availability of birth control, the proliferation of drugs, the Great Society programs, and the college student uprisings, coupled with the explicit permission of the self-appointed educational elite.  Consequently, there was a meteoric rise in STDs, unwed pregnancies, welfare dependency, drug addiction, crime, disrespect of our institutions, and lawlessness that still has not abated.

How has such a radical change in our society occurred in just one generation?  It is because those in Hollywood, the news media, and the government have carefully controlled the informational dialogue, so that only their world view gets seen and heard.  It starts with the schools.  We’ve educated an entire generation in all of the wrong things.  They know nothing about our exceptional heritage, our founding documents, and the values and principles that makes a free society possible.  They have been taught that they are nothing but a biological cosmic accident of nature, unaccountable to anyone but themselves, and thus owe their loyalty to those who selfishly promise them the most.   It then follows that they have no respect for life other than their own.  They possess a total ignorance of economic fundamentals, as reflected in their personal decisions as well as their voting patterns.  The history they’ve been taught has been re-written to reflect an evil America that must be changed into the image that the radical left envisions.  Diversity, multiculturalism, gay pride, and phony environmental stewardship have been elevated to Diety status.

When these students come home, they see more of the same on TV and the nightly news.  Movies are targeted to the teen audience with the same message.  As they grow old enough to vote, they hear the same narrative from pandering politicians, for whom they are more than willing to vote because they have the same world view.  All of their allegiance now belongs to those who think like themselves, and they willingly submit to the restraints of the nanny state.  The transformation is now complete.  They will soon be enslaved by those who promise to take care of their food, clothing, shelter, and health care needs.  Without the backbone of individual responsibility, their lot in life is now in the hands of someone else.  Their failures will be blamed on the privileged, and their successes will mandate that they share their privilege with those who have failed.  Not being able to think for themselves, they accept the authority and mandates of the state without question.  Self control has given way to state control, and self-government has been replaced by statism and totalitarianism.

If the media had been the government watchdog the First Amendment envisioned it to be, we would still be a free republic.  Instead, the media has been completely corrupted by politicians who share their vision of a socialist America, subservient to a world government.  Their corruption is so complete that they submit their stories to the White House for editing before they publish them,  in order to remain in Obama’s good graces.  Together, they completely control the messages that the government-educated masses see and hear, while at the same time censoring and belittling all dialogue to the contrary.  Abortion is called “pro-choice,” conservative free speech is called “hate speech/intolerance,” and those who question Obama’s past are called “birthers,” and marginalized.  The media only practice journalism when a conservative is in power.  When the government listens to phone conversations, reads e-mails, seizes property, and assassinates Americans with drones in the name of fighting terror, they say nothing.  Yet they are perfectly happy with laws (McCain-Feingold)  that limit everyone’s free speech but theirs.  They don’t even understand that they are merely useful idiots that the current dictator will quickly discard when tyranny is complete.  When dissent is silenced for one, it will eventually be silenced for all.

All of this was not an accident.  Obama and his revolutionaries have been planning this for decades.  Hollywood and the media have been his willing accomplices.  They have managed to successfully control the narrative the American people see and hear, and have silenced all dissent with bullying and political correctness.  There are few national figures who are willing to stand up and tell the unvarnished truth, for fear of being marginalized as fools.  Welfare is now the largest item in the federal budget.  The national debt will result in trillions of transfer payments from those who have to those who have not, and we will all end up poor - except for the ruling elite that caused this mess of course.  Our only hope is to repent and begin to practice the moral, political, and spiritual principles that we have preached as conservatives.  We are now a minority, but remember that the leftists were once in the minority also.  Just as they gained control of the national dialogue, we must band together and re-gain control of the same by protesting long and loud at every infringement of our liberty.  Our passion will give others courage to join us.  Now is not the time to hide.  Now is the time for the second American revolution – a revolution of morality and commitment to freedom.



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