Set Our Children Free
The Democrats left God out of their platform at the DNC Convention, and only restored it – over the strenuous objections of the delegates - when it was pointed out by the GOP candidates.  Of course the delegates didn’t want any mention of God in the platform, because their worldview, and thus the policies they espouse and support, is godless.  The rank and file Democrats aren’t ashamed of this, but the Democrat establishment which runs the convention had to do something once this was exposed.  Up until then they had done a pretty good job of keeping their radical agenda, along with the more controversial speakers, out of prime time TV.  This is a consistent pattern in today’s modern Democrat Party.  They can’t get elected by showing everyone who they really are.  Thus, it is imperative that they hide their true belief system and their agenda from mainstream America (with a great assist from the media), so they can gain and hold onto power.  This is why the platform had to be changed – for political expediency only.  This is why Obama and many other politicians from both parties claim to be Christians, even though their policies say otherwise.  What you believe about God is an incredibly accurate predictor of what policies you favor and how you’ll vote.  In fact, I can make the case that what you believe about God is at the root of everything else you believe in life.  Not convinced?  Read on.

I’ll never forget that in one of the GOP primary debates of 2008, one of the first questions asked by a godless media panel was whether the candidates believed in the theory of evolution.  This was a set-up question asked solely for the purpose of marginalizing those candidates who believed in God, so that they could be mocked as uneducated, religious extremists unfit for leading a secular government in the 21st century.  It was asked in such an arrogant manner, that this unspoken threat hung in the air like a thick blanket for any candidate who dared not give the politically correct answer.  I recall that only a few of the candidates admitted sheepishly to believing in Creation, and none went into detail.  The rules of the political game today is that it is OK to speak in general platitudes about God, faith, and country, which will win you electoral points, but it is not OK to get specific about rocking the boat by altering long-standing liberal policies that exclude any involvement by God in public life.

Our political beliefs reflect our worldview, and it all starts with our belief, or non-belief, in the existence of a supernatural Supreme Being.  If we don’t believe in a God, then we believe that our existence is purely by chance and that we are the only arbiters of our conduct.  Since there is no God, human beings have no inherent rights or any special worth, value, or dignity.  Our only value is determined not by our status as a unique life, with inherent rights and freedom, but by the government’s determination of the sum worth of our labor.  We are just a commodity, like any other raw material, to be controlled and/or exploited for the common good.  If we believe that God exists, but He is either evil or indifferent to the everyday affairs of human life, then our view as an agnostic will likely be the same as the atheist.  It then follows logically from the agnostic or atheist worldview, that the worth of any individual can only be determined through group identity.  If an unborn child or elderly person is determined to be a burden, then they must be eliminated (See Obamacare).  All of earth’s resources are accidental and finite, therefore they must be preserved to sustain those the government will allow to live (See U.N. Agenda 21).  Those who are wealthy have taken more than their fair share of these resources from others, and therefore government must compensate by confiscating their wealth and re-distributing it to those who have less (See U.S. Tax Code,  And since there is no God, there is no moral accountability other than oneself, and therefore no immorality is considered too extreme, and must be tolerated and even imposed upon the remainder of society (See secular humanism).  Those who disagree with these tenets are considered enemies of this collectivist mindset, and must be controlled and silenced. (And since these convention Democrats have fallen in love with using Hitler analogies to describe Republicans, I would like to remind them that Hitler was a Socialist, as was Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Mao, Kim Jong Il, and too many others to name.  Many of them, by the way, were greatly influenced by Darwinism).

On the other hand, if you do believe in God, that He created man, and that He is intimately involved as a force for good in the affairs of men, it follows that each person has great worth.  As created beings, we not only have the right to life, but liberty as well, since we obviously have a free will, and freedom is a state that all humans that have a choice, will choose.  And even if you don’t subscribe to the Biblical account of creation, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we were given a higher intelligence than all other creatures, and that the resources available to us on earth were put here for our responsible stewardship and use in making our lives better.  We would then naturally reject any theory that earth is in such a delicate balance that we could easily destroy what a Supreme Being had obviously taken pains to create in unimaginably great detail.  We, of course, would cherish life as His highest creation, and afford life all the dignity it deserves.  And with all of this God-given freedom, we would be keenly aware that, in return, God requires moral accountability from us.  Virtually our entire worldview then depends upon fixed standards of right and wrong, not on the changing mores of a society that places no individual worth on people other than their collectivist value to the group as a whole.  The Founders of our nation knew this and were careful to make their case clear in the documents we enshrine to this day.  Each of us was born with a yearning for freedom because it is mankind’s natural state, and we reject all attempts to enslave either mind or body to those who disagree with our worldview.  This is why the Democrat platform had to be changed – because tyranny is built upon deceit.



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