Set Our Children Free
In case you haven’t noticed, parental rights are under assault.  Your ability to raise your children as you see fit without interference from the government is being viciously attacked as never before.  The reason is simple:  The Globalists can’t achieve their dream of a utopian world unless they control all thought, and they can’t control all thought without indoctrination of the populace from a very early age.  They don’t trust you with your own children, as you might infect them with the heresy of self-reliance, individualism, God-given rights, self-government, and liberty.   Here are some examples of how these control freaks have insidiously infiltrated every area of our children’s lives that we parents used to take for granted.

1.       Education – We currently have the right to direct our children’s education, but it has been eroding to a great extent.  Home school parents have been arrested in some states, and their children taken from them over flimsy charges.  The teachers’ unions still have a firm grip on public schools despite some setbacks, and the increasing popularity of the school choice movement.  And public school curriculum is becoming less and less about academics, and more and more about indoctrinating children with humanism, homosexuality, globalism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, and junk science.  We should not be content until there is complete freedom to use our own tax money to educate our children in the school of our choice, and the federal government is out of the education business.  We won’t have this freedom as long as parents have to work two jobs just to afford a private school.  Many states have made great strides the last couple of years in allowing school choice.  Louisiana has the best law, but more states need to adopt their approach.  And you can look at what other nations have done as a guide to what will happen here if the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) should ever become law here.  In short, it means that you will no longer have any right to direct any decision over your minor child in any area of their life.  It will be the end of parental rights in this country.  Bill Clinton signed it, but it has yet to be ratified by the Senate, although there is a constant danger of that happening from those senators who keep trying to sneak it through.

2.       Discipline – Congratulations to Delaware for being the first state to outlaw any form of discipline for your child that involves pain.  That could include a slap on the wrist.  It’s considered child abuse now, thanks to Joe Biden’s son, who is the attorney general there.  Other blue states could soon follow suit, as there already exists enough horror stories to fill a book about government officials overreacting by removing children from homes unjustly.

3.       Health care – This started way back with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who apparently don’t believe in blood transfusions.  There were court orders that forced their children to receive a transfusion against their parents’ will.  In other words, courts decided that a parent’s sincerely-held religious belief was subject to some compelling state interest.  That’s a bad idea even if you’re a Baptist.  Fast forward to 2012.  Hello Obamacare and the Catholic Church.  The Obama administration is making the same argument.  It’s the same argument with childhood vaccines, even though the diseases they prevent have been eradicated in America long ago.  These vaccines contain mercury, and are suspected to play a role in the increased incidence of autism and other brain maladies.  And what about states that require pre-teen girls to get the Gardasil vaccination without parental consent, despite limited effectiveness and a number of documented side effects.   How long before they sterilize every child after the first one?  How long before they require abortion of all children deemed “defective” in the womb?  How long before they operate on your kid without your consent to alter a DNA sequence they predict will make them susceptible to disease someday, thus saving future health care costs?  Let your imagination run, and you won’t be far wrong.

4.       Belief system – I say belief system, because even those who don’t have religious beliefs can be deemed a danger to the state.  Already, there have been calls in some circles for re-programming those with a conservative mindset because we think all wrong.  And while you may be a hopeless cause, don’t think they are not working on your children in our schools to turn them into obedient little politically-correct thinking government serfs.  Believe me, those who make government policy these days think they know better than you when it comes to raising your children.  If they could, they would be perfectly happy to seize them from the cradle to make sure they are programmed correctly.

5.       Your home – If you live in a nice home outside of the city, they already have their sights set on you.  You thought you would build a nice place to raise a family and make a good life for yourself, but silly you.  You didn’t realize the harm you’re doing to the planet!  Get acquainted with United Nations Agenda 21!  You may have heard it called by another name – Sustainability.  Next to the UNCRC mentioned above, it is the most dangerous threat to your freedom because it is relatively unknown to the average citizen, but it is rapidly being woven into the fabric of state and local zoning laws, and even has a foothold in corporate America.  In layman’s terms it means this:  All human activity must be controlled in order to sustain life on this planet.  It’s like global warming on steroids.  You will be told where to live, how big a house or property you can own, what you can grow on it, and what type of transportation you will be allowed to use.  If you don’t agree that a world government should make these decisions, you obviously are very greedy.

6.       Diet – From New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s soda and salt ban, to Michele Obama’s skimpy 850 calorie veggie lunch at public schools, these leftists are dead set on changing the eating habits of you and your children.  The food police are alive and well.  Not that they follow these strict standards themselves, mind you, as Michele’s kids eat much better at their own private school, and her state dinners are much more lavish.  No, these new, no-salt, low calorie, no-meat, veggie diets are for the common folk, not them. 

7.       Protection – If you believe in the right to own a firearm to defend your family from predators, say hello to the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which keeps coming back like a bad dream.  They tell us it won’t supersede the 2nd Amendment, but they’re lying.  They told us Obamacare wouldn’t pay for abortions either.  World government (read tyranny) cannot occur without disarming the populace first.   Hitler did it.  Castro.  Stalin.  Pol Pot.  Mao.  Same song, different verse.

8.       Privacy – One Supreme Court justice described privacy as the right to be left alone, but I don’t have any other term to describe this last invasion of your parental rights.  You’ve worked hard to build a better life for your family, and yet the government can arbitrarily take it all away without probable cause that you’ve done anything wrong.  They can spy on you, listen to your phone calls, snatch you off the street and detain you indefinitely without telling anyone or without bringing you to trial.  They can do all of these things and even execute you without due process if the President deems you a threat.  Sound arbitrary?  Sound unconstitutional?  Of course it is, but it’s on the books, passed by both Republican and Democrat lawmakers.  It started with George W. Bush and the Patriot Act, and culminated into full tyranny with the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by Barack Obama.  And by the way, he’s preparing an executive order to give himself an internet kill switch, without the approval of Congress.  They tell us to trust them.  They would never abuse these unconstitutional laws.  But why should you trust a government that breaks its own laws, i.e. the Constitution?

Take a good look at the list above – and it’s only a partial list.  You don’t have to wonder how bad it can get, because the government has already trampled on your freedom as a parent and a citizen.  What can be done?  The time is not ripe for an armed revolution because it will only give the government an excuse to declare martial law and bring on a full-fledged dictatorship.  But the time is way past for citizens to start paying attention to what is going on, unite with like-minded folks, and scream loud and long at their elected representatives.  Join the local Tea Party, and run for office yourself if your rep won’t change things.  And just like the civil rights movement in the sixties, practice civil disobedience en masse against unjust laws.  There is power in numbers.  Just because you may not have experienced any of the above personally, it doesn’t mean you’re safe, it just means that you’re next.  Remember, an attack on our liberty against one of us, is an attack on all of us. 



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