Set Our Children Free
Another incident of gun violence by an ignorant, misguided bigot, fueled by hate speech and political group ideology.  That’s the standard media mantra every time there is a shooting, especially before all of the facts come to light.  Because once the truth is known, this kind of story line vanishes quicker than money in the hands of a bureaucrat (See Gabrielle Giffords shooting).   The leftist media is quick to point out that talk radio and conservative organizations contribute to these kinds of shootings, but one thing always turns up missing – evidence.  Try as they might, they have never been able to pin any political gun violence on right wing “hate” speech and “hate” groups, as the media love to call them.  If there ever were such a shooting, the media would be overjoyed at the prospect of not only demonizing all right wing political discourse, but at the opportunity to demonize gun ownership as well.

Despite their failure to find a story fitting their preconceived template, one wonders how they would handle a story that contradicts this narrative. Well, wonder no more.  All you have to do is observe how they treated the shooting at the Family Research Council (FRC) yesterday.  To them, all of the “facts” in this case were wrong.  The target of the shooting was a conservative group which promotes family values.  The alleged shooter was a volunteer at a community center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, or LGBT as they call it because it sounds less extreme.  And worst of all, the gunman allegedly attributed his own actions to the policies of the FRC.  This wasn’t supposed to happen like this.  In the media’s universe, all of the hate comes from the right.  They can’t handle it when the hate comes from one of their own ranks, although that’s exactly where most of the hate comes from these days.

So what to do with a story like this?  Ignore it.  Not that it didn’t get reported.  It just didn’t have the life that a story meeting all of their own prejudices would have gotten.  As proof, I checked all of the usual suspects’ (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) web sites today and had a hard time finding the story only 24 hours after the shooting.  On Fox News, it was still one of their lead stories.  On one media web site I actually had to do a search to find it.  And when I did find the story, the focus was on the bravery of the guard who, despite being shot, wrestled the gunman to the ground and halted any further violence.  And ABC was the only one that even tried to see the connection between the gunman’s political views and why he wanted to shoot people at the FRC, despite what witnesses heard him clearly say.  And none of the networks called what he said “hate speech” or tried to blameleft wing groups as motivation for the shooting, as they would have if the situation were reversed.  As further evidence of this extraordinary bias, check and see if this story ever sees the light of day past today (8/16/12).  If the situation were reversed, we would be inundated with weeks or even months of politicians, academicians, psychologists, and talking media pundits telling us how we need to silence talk radio, Fox News, and conservative blogs, while at the same time promoting more gun control legislation.

And where is the outrage that would be present if the shooter had been a right wing guy?  The only politicians that said anything were Romney, Obama, and Boehner, all of whom said the same vanilla stuff about deploring violence, but saying nothing about hate.  There has been no response by the left, sympathetic or otherwise, and there will be little inquiry by the media into the life of the FRC gunman, even though he’s still alive, because doing so would expose how he came to hold such extremist views about an honorable organization.  There has been no condemnation by gay activists, LGBT organizations, or leftists groups that I can find.  You get the feeling that the media didn’t even ask them for comment, as they always do to the NRA or other conservative groups whenever there is an incident of gun violence.  Where are the calls for civil discourse and tolerance from the leftists?  Missing in action.  Selective condemnation of intolerance and hate speech is apparently only a liberal sport.



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