Set Our Children Free
Obama has taken over most of the auto industry, all of the banking industry, and all of the transportation industry.  But the biggest threat of all is his determination to take over education, and he is doing it without congressional approval.  The previous takeovers required legislation which, unfortunately, was assisted passively or otherwise by the Republicans.  The takeover of education has been no different because Republicans are all-too-willing to support anything that sounds like it’s good for education.  The Stimulus package passed during Obama’s first year in office has already given Obama all the funds he needs to dangle in front of cash-strapped states.  These funds come with strings, of course, and the strings are called by great-sounding names like Race to the Top, and National Common Core Standards.  These programs are all Obama needs to implement federal control over teachers, school administration, and most importantly, curriculum.  With government funding comes government control, and if you don’t want your kids being propagandized with the politically correct version of U.S. History, science, social studies, and economics, then you better get on the phone quickly to your state legislator and tell him to tell the feds, “Thanks, but no thanks” to the money.  Otherwise, your kids will be learning a version of history devoid of the founding documents, a version of junk science that has no basis other than politics, and a version of social studies that depicts white Europeans as the colonialist, racist, homophobic, sexist predators who are the source of all evil in the world.

As of this writing, only two states have had the courage to reject this blatant attempt to take control of education in this country.  Only a couple of decades ago, the only federal involvement in education, apart from racially integrating schools, was the school lunch program.  Who could be against feeding hungry kids, and yet the program has become a monumental well-intentioned waste of money?  Then came the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that took control of teaching and disciplining all ESE (read ADHD) kids who make up about one-tenth of the school population.  Concurrent with this intrusion was the Justice Department’s suing (bullying) many states to make accommodations for non-English speaking students with programs like ESOL.  These mandates, along with many other (supposedly) well-meaning semi-voluntary (funds attached) programs for things like sex education and anti-bullying, have come with a heavy cost in additional personnel needed, as well as precious time that’s been neglected in teaching academics.  However, the grand prize of curriculum control is still to be awarded. 

And when the federal government writes curriculum standards, whose standards do you think they will be?  You better believe that they will reflect the values of the Washington D.C. leftists – contrary to those we hold dear in Red State America.  We got a taste of this in the 90’s when the Department of Education tried to ram U.S. History standards down our throats.  Once the curriculum came to light, most citizens were so outraged at this leftist version of history, that the U.S. Senate voted it down 99-0.  Unfortunately, these standards haven’t gone away, and they’ve crept back into our textbooks anyway through pressure from educators.  With the new National Common Core Standards, they will be mandatory. 

We can change this, just like we did in the 90’s, but we’ve got to take action now.  If you don’t think what kids learn in school will affect your life, then just look at what government policy, and the politicians who wrote those policies have done to America the past two decades.  We’ve given the EPA unprecedented power to regulate our lives because of fictitious environmental threats, largely embraced a socialist worldview in our economy, looked the other way as gay marriage and the gay agenda have become mainstream, and worst of all, elected a governing majority who are not just liberal, they’re downright anti-American.  It says much about the ignorance of the electorate in our nation – an electorate educated in public schools.  Abraham Lincoln said that the philosophy of the classroom today will be the philosophy of government tomorrow.  If we let the federal government have control of a national curriculum, just imagine what kind of nightmare we will be living under a government “of the people” we will educate with that curriculum.



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