Set Our Children Free
Barack Obama has come out in favor of gay marriage (Again! He was in favor of it in Illinois before he was against it when he ran for president).  He was “outed” when his vice-president and his education secretary recently took the same stance, forcing his hand.  So the question being asked again is:  What’s wrong with gay marriage, and why should we oppose it? First, some background.

There are myriads of living arrangements today, from traditional marriage to cohabitation to domestic partnerships, all involving various combinations of male and female.  There is an existing federal Defense of Marriage Act, which Obama refuses to defend as he is legally obligated to do.  And citizens in 30 states have approved  referendums which protect traditional marriage in their state constitutions.  So why is marriage between one man and one woman so important that it needs to be preserved?  I can recall one radio talk show host who regularly berates those who are opposed to gay marriage, challenging them to show how legalizing gay marriage would personally affect their lives.  He reflects the attitude that many people have today, that this issue is a matter between consenting adults and it  doesn’t affect those who feel differently.  
It is a good idea when confronted with any question whose answer is not immediately apparent, to first define the terms of the question.  It is appropriate to consult the Bible
to define marriage because it is the earliest known reference on the subject, however there are good reasons why gay marriage should be rejected regardless of  one’s religious beliefs. Marriage is much more than a physical union of a man and woman.  A study of the original language of the Genesis account of the creation reveals that the woman was created as a “helper who was the opposite of the man,” i.e. a perfect compliment to him. From the beginning, this was a spiritual and emotional bond, and also a necessary union for the reproduction and upbringing of children.  At no time during the six thousand plus years of recorded human history since then, did homosexuals seriously propose that a human right existed for them to be allowed to marry, even though they have been around since at least the days of Sodom four thousand years ago.  And laws against sodomy had not been enforced for many years before the Supreme Court struck them down officially in 2003.  So, since gays have been allowed to go about their lifestyle for decades now without interference from anyone, why the push lately to legalize gay marriage.  It is because they want official sanction for their lifestyle –the same reason they force their “diversity” propaganda on our school children in the name of anti-bullying.  Of course, there are many politicians who are more than willing to oblige them in their quest to officially recognize their marriages. 
We should vigorously resist this trend for several reasons.  The first is that we are a nation of laws, and all of them reflect our values.  We would be rejecting traditions that have worked well for thousands of years in civilized cultures by officially endorsing lifestyles that have brought degradation and destruction of that society wherever they have been practiced. Even today, despite what the media wants us to believe, most nations on earth do not tolerate homosexuality, let alone gay marriage.  Secondly, the law is a teacher, and sanctioning what used to be called perversion, will remove the stigma that used to accompany such behavior.  When society no longer officially considers an act taboo, it unofficially encourages experimentation and expansion of such behavior by others.  There are dozens of examples of this, from drug use to gambling to teen pregnancies, which have all exploded once laws were relaxed and/or the stigma was removed. And whether they admit it or not, many of those promoting liberalization of marriage laws, also favor eliminating restrictions on transgender “rights”(sports gender distinctions, unisex bathrooms, etc.), homosexual adoptions, and lowering the sexual age of consent from 18 to 14.  Legalizing gay marriage is a slippery slope indeed.  Third, those who promote such policies are not content to just live their lifestyle in peace.  Wherever they are in power, such as in California, the United Nations, and in public schools, they have proven to be much more intolerant than they accuse the rest of us as being.  They have used the heavy hand of government to pass laws intended to not just indoctrinate, but actively recruit our children into the gay lifestyle.

 For those who understand the Truth of the Bible, there are additional reasons to oppose gay marriage. God says that “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.   (Proverbs 14:34)  Sin, which includes both heterosexual and homosexual promiscuity, will bring God’s judgment.  There is a difference, however, between individuals sinning, for which they will have to account to God, and a nation sinning by giving official sanction to what God calls an abomination.  God will surely judge a nation that makes an abomination official government policy, and we all have a stake in that.  Those who have abused God's precious purpose for marriage and the family, whether they are gay or straight, need to repent and seek God and cry out to Him to save our nation.



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